What is there to do when it rains in Cancun?

Anyone who’s been to Cancun will know that, as beautiful as the Caribbean coast of Mexico is, there are some months of the year when you’re by no means guaranteed dry weather. And as this is a tourist hotspot popular with holidaymakers who’ve travelled for beach weather, it’s a place dotted with swimming pools, sun spots and generally all things you need the sunshine to enjoy!

But if you’re one of the many holidaymakers who catch a rainy day or two, you’ll probably want to know what you can do to keep busy until the storm passes. That’s where we come in…

What is there to do when it rains in Cancun?

There are plenty of things to do when it rains in Cancun. Here are just a few to give you a bit of inspiration.

The Mayan Museum

There’s a Mayan museum in the heart of the hotel area in Cancun. The rainy weather is the perfect excuse to part with $5 to go and find out about the traditional cultures of the Mayan People.

Retail Therapy – Shopping in Cancun

Cancun has a number of indoor shopping malls perfect to hideaway from the rain in. Amongst those closes to the hotels Zone are Plaza Las Americas & Malecon Americas Mall, which have a huge variety of shops in. Go grab a bargain!


Cancun has some excellent snorkelling on offer and, if you’re underwater, you won’t be bothered by a bit of rain, will you? The snorkelling off Cancun’s white sandy coast really is a spectacle and you should definitely experience it.

Make the Most of the Spa

Lots of the hotels in Cancun have luxurious spas and, as you might imagine, they tend to get well used when it rains outside. Go take advantage of a massage, enjoy some of the indoor thermal pools or get a beauty treatment. Relax, you’re on holiday!

Hit the Casino

In downtown Cancun you will find a number of casinos. A bit of bad weather is the perfect excuse to go and engage in some casino fun.


The cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula are unique and simply stunning. And while you’re underground, you’ll hardly notice the grey clouds and rain above.