Can you book flights and hotels separately for a visit to Mexico?

Package holidays to Mexico are popular amongst British tourists. When we travel to Europe, many of us will book our flights and hotels separately. We’ll book accommodation independently and don’t think twice about cutting out the travel agent. But when we travel long haul, it’s pretty common for us to book package holidays through a tour operator.

But can you book flights and accommodation for your holiday to Mexico separately? And if so, what are the benefits of doing so as opposed to booking package holidays.

Package Deals to Mexico

Packages booked through reputable tour operators have their benefits:

  • Convenience! Somebody else deals with your flights, accommodation and your transfers. You’ve just got to turn up on time
  • On site reps. A number of us are reassured by the presence of reps to help us abroad if anything goes wrong
  • ATOL protection is a part and parcel of package holidays. So if your flight operator goes bankrupt, for example, you are protected and you’ll get home. This isn’t always the case with direct flight bookings

Bookings Flights and Accommodation Direct

On the flip side, choosing to book direct has never been easier thanks to the fact we’re all always connected via a host of devices. The benefits of booking your flights and accommodation separately:

  • Sometimes you can get a better deal (particularly on accommodation). You can run comparisons on prices and may well get better prices through third parties or direct through the hotel. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, tour operators take such big allocations of rooms at certain properties that they’re able to offer particularly good rates. Check both options if price is your primary concern
  • By booking your own flights and accommodation, you typically have more flexibility if you decide you want to stay in multiple locations or at different properties
  • Tour operators don’t have rooms at every property, so if you are prepared to cut the agent out, you typically have a wider choice of accommodation

When I travelled to Mexico, I did so with a package holiday for sheer convenience. But having travelled there now, I would perfectly safe travelling back directly and booking my flights and accommodation independently if I went back (and if there was a cost saving benefit of doing so).

If you’re going to book direct, read around and do your research. Don’t forget to pre-book transfers so you know exactly how much it will cost (hotels often offer transfers at an additional fee as well).