Amazing Steaks – La Portena, Playa del Carmen

We were pretty spoilt for choice on our resort at El Dorado Royale. More than half a dozen gourmet restaurants to choose from with varied menus and great quality. But sometimes it’s just nice to go for a wander and in a break from our gourmet dining in resort, we discovered this little gem in Playa del Carmen.

La Porteña is located just of 5th avenue on the corner of Calle 38 in Playa del Carmen. Blink and you’ll miss it. It’s not a restaurant, per se… more like a a shop front with a table outside and a bar.

This is an Argentine style food place. The menu is limited to a few options on a chalk board at the back… there’s Argentine sausages, lemon chicken, burgers and a 13oz ribeye with potato and salad. My husband and I both opted for the latter.

The food is cooked fresh in front of you on the grill on site. La Porteña does not have an alcohol license so only sells soft drinks. But what’s really refreshing for any venue in such a popular tourist attraction is that they don’t try and fleece you for every penny. The huge steak, potato and salad was 99 Mexican pesos (about £10) and the guys charged us just 13 Mexican Pesos for each Coke we had (about 60p).

Tasty, simple food and the guys who own the place are genuinely friendly. The food was as good as anything I ate in resort. When I went to have a look afterwards at what other people were saying about it, I realised that the restaurant is performing well on TripAdvisor too. In fact, it’s currently rated 10th out of over 700 restaurants in Playa Del Carmen. Not bad for such a small and simple little venue, particularly when competing with a number of fine dining establishments.

So if you are in Playa del Carmen, have a little wander and grab a freshly grilled burger or steak. It’s well worth it!


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