Do you need a Visa to go on Holiday to Mexico?

A common question for UK citizens considering their first holiday to Mexico is whether or not they’ll need a Visa to enter the country.

If you’re planning just on holidaying while in Mexico, then you do not need a Visa. You will, however, need a tourist card. You can either get those on arrival in Mexico or, in most cases, if you are flying to Mexico you will be given one to complete on board your flight.


Rules for Holiday Makers on Tourist Cards

Tourist cards apply only for visitors who are visiting as tourists. That means that if you are planning to take on any sort of work (even if unpaid voluntary work) you cannot do so on a tourist card.


Leaving Mexico – You Need Your Tourist Card!

When you leave Mexico at the end of your holiday, you will need to present your tourist card. If you have lost the card prior to departure you can buy a replacement for 295 Mexican Pesos (approximately £13.70) at the immigration office in any international airport in the country.


Passport Requirements for Entering Mexico

British citizens travelling to Mexico on a tourist card will also need a valid passport. Your passport should be valid for the entire duration of your stay, but there are no rules about the length of time you should have left on your passport after your holiday. So as long as it will be valid for your stay, you’ll be able to travel.


Entering Mexico from the US

If you are a British Citizen going on holiday to Mexico but travelling via the USA, you will need to familiarise yourself with any requirements for travelling from the USA.

Typically, when you cross into Mexico by road, there’s unlikely to be immigration officers at the entry point. But it is you responsibility to head to the immigration office (often very nearby border crossings) and clear your entry status with them.

For further information on entry requirements to Mexico for UK citizens, check out the Foreign Office guide here.