Chichen Itza Excursion (With Thomson)

chichen itza excursion

How could you possibly go all the way to the Riviera Maya without visiting Chichen Itza – one of the New Wonders of the World? We really wanted to visit this archeological site, take some photos, find out more and have a wander around. So we booked an excursion through Thomson that would pick us up from our hotel.

The cost was just $100 per person… around £60. This included transport, lunch and what was labelled as a “continental breakfast.” The continental breakfast actually just turned out to be a biscuit on a bus, frankly. But that wasn’t a big deal – after all, it’s not the purpose of the trip! But if, when you’re booking an excursion to Chichen Itza through Thomson and they do tell you about the continental breakfast, just take this into account. You’ll leave the hotel too early to catch breakfast on resort and if you need more than a biscuit on the bus to see you through the morning, it’s worth preparing in advance and taking something with you.

We were picked up at 6:05 from our hotel. Ridiculously early, of course, but we were grateful in the end to be leaving Chichen Itza before the midday sun took hold. It was very, very, very hot. The itinerary was to visit Chichen Itza, then head to a spot for lunch where we could swim in a cenote as well, stop off a Valladolid on the way back and be back at the hotel by lunch time.

I won’t go into too much detail here about the bits outside of Chichen Itza. I’ll cover them later.

Chichen Itza was beautiful. Simply amazing. And it’s not just the main temple. The observatory is beautiful, the old stadium and some of the other buildings are equally as impressive. And what became apparent when we were being spoken to by our guide is just how much these Mayans knew about what we might consider modern scientific theories.

Amazing. And absolutely beautiful.

It’s very hot on site (at least it was on our visit in May!). And there’s not a great deal of shade. So Thomson’s agreement that its tours can access the site earlier than others works out well. Not only does is mean that you can take photos without a load of people spoiling the view, but that you can also escape before it gets unbearably hot.

On site, there are lots of market stalls being operated by the Mayans… you can definitely barter here!

If you choose not to take an organise excursion and intend, instead, to make your own way there and pay entry on arrival, getting into Chichen Itza will cost you the equivalent of around £3.