Cancun Holidays – When’s the Best Time to Go?

Cancun holidays are pretty hard to beat when it comes to variety. Cancun is a holiday destination with plenty to offer people of all ages. There are hotels simply perfect for families, adults only complexes appealing to honeymooners and young couples and the rowdier, louder complexes that attract groups.

Add the varied accommodation options to the fact there are literally hundreds of things to do here and it’s easy to see why so many Brits pack their bags and head for the most bustling destination on Mexico’s Caribbean coast every single year.

Here’s our handy guide on what’s on in Cancun, the weather you can expect at various times of the year and, importantly, what’s on and when.

Cancun Holidays – Weather by Month

So, in summary, December through to May are typically the drier months with the summer months much wetter. And at any time of year, you get temperatures perfectly pleasant for soaking up the sun on the beach.

Where to Stay in Cancun

Cancun has a bustling hotels zone where many of the city’s most popular hotels are located. The hotel zone is also home to bars, clubs, restaurants and plenty of attractions for Cancun’s many tourists.

If you’re looking to be in the heart of the action, the Hotel Zone is a great place to stay.

There are options outside of Cancun too, still close enough to travel in for the day or night. But we’d suggest those going on holiday to Cancun head straight for the most obvious choice if you want everything on your doorstep.

Cancun Holidays for Party Animals

Cancun attracts US spring breakers, stag and hen parties and many other young groups because of its incredible nightlife. Here’s a few options for those looking to make the most of the party options:

  • Cuncrawl will provide you with a VIP tour of the city’s nightlife all planned out for you. This takes the hassle out of the organisation. Cuncrawl tours include 5 hours with an all inclusive bar and you get reserved seating in the bars and clubs
  • There are several superclubs in Cancun including Coco Bongo and Dady O’s
  • There are loads of bars that are open until between midnight and 2am as well
  • The legal drinking age in Cancun is 18

Cancun for Foodies

Scrap the diet for a couple of weeks. You’re on holiday! And Cancun has plenty of options on the food front to tempt you. These include restaurants run by Michelin starred chefs (Tempo by Martin Berasategui), traditional Mexican restaurants, international food offerings and some brilliant street food too.

Of course, if you’re all inclusive in your hotel on holiday in Cancun, you might not venture out too often to eat, but it’s always great to treat yourself to a meal or two out and a change of scenery. If you’re not likely to ear out more than once or twice, check out reviews of restaurants and plan where you want to go. For all the great restaurants in Cancun, there are (as with everyone) some distinctly average and even pretty poor ones too.

Maybe sample some traditional local cuisine. Get fajitas and enchiladas out of your head though. The traditional food of the Yucatan region that Cancun lies in probably includes dishes you’ve never heard of. Maybe go and try and get your hands on Salbutes, Cochinita Pibil or Kibis.

Cancun Holidays – Which Airport to Fly to

Cancun has its own international airport, just 12 miles or so from the hotel zone.

Things to do in Cancun

There are hundreds of things do in Cancun, but here are a few highlights:

  • Get out of the city and see a Wonder of the World. Chichen Itza is just a couple of hours from Cancun and you can easily get there on one of the many tours leaving Cancun’s hotels
  • Isla Mujeres – this beautiful and unspoilt island is just a short catamaran trip away. Enjoy totally clear seas, white beaches and an unspoilt environment
  • Wet n Wild is a great water park situated in Cancun and is a great way for thrill seekers to cool off! This is a firm favourite with families and groups alike
  • Snorkelling or scuba diving – there are a host of diving clubs in Cancun catering to tourists of all levels and the marine life off Cancun’s coast is where going under water for!
  • Museo Maya de Cancun is a museum that celebrates the traditional Mayan heritage of Cancun
  • There is also a tequila museum here!!

Festivals and Events in Cancun by Month

If, like me, you like to time your holidays in line with various events or festivals, then here’s a summary of just a few things you might be able to enjoy while visiting Cancun depending on the time of year you go.

Cancun – What’s on in January?

  • On the 6th January every single year it is Three Kings’ Day in Mexico. This is hugely widely celebrated and Cancun is no exception. You can expect various celebrations in the streets of the city
  • BPM Festival is a huge dance music festival that takes place in Playa del Carmen in January every year. Granted, it’s not in Cancun itself but it’s just a short trip away
  • January 17th each year is the Feast of San Antonio de Abad. Essentially, this is a Catholic celebration that involves taking animals to church to be blessed. It might not be something you’d go out of your way to see but if you’re in Mexico at the time, here’s a very traditional event you can experience first hand

Cancun – What’s on in February?

  • CARNIVAL! February is carnival season and don’t be fooled into thinking that the Brazilians are the only ones throwing huge parties at Carnival time. All over the country, people will be taking to Mexico’s streets to celebrate and Cancun is no different. You won’t find the biggest celebration in the hotel zone though. Head to the town centre for dancing, celebrating, singing and great food and drink
  • 5th February is Constitution Day. On the first Monday in February, Mexico marks this with a public holiday
  • Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Mexico too and many of the bars, hotels and clubs in Cancun hold various romance themed events and parties


Cancun – What’s on in March?

March is the driest month of the year in Cancun and is therefore a particularly popular time for holidaymakers to visit. That said, if Easter falls in April and you can avoid the school holidays, you can still bag a good deal. Here’s what on:

  • The Cancun-Riviera Maya Food and Wine festival falls in March. This is a great excuse to ditch the diet and indulge in local dishes and drinks
  • Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza. Now if you plan to go and visit Chichen Itza at all (which you definitely should!) the Spring Equinox is an incredible time to do so, as the sun casts a remarkable shadow on the main temple, reminiscent of a serpent climbing the famous steps
  • The Riviera Maya film festival takes place around this time of year. That means there are plenty of film related events taking place all over the Mayan Riviera, including Cancun


Cancun – What’s on in April?

  • As a Catholic country, Easter is an important time of year in Mexico and Cancun is no exception
  • The Akumal Comedy festival takes place in April and is within easy reach for holidaymakers enjoying themselves in Cancun
  • Cancun Day is in April, an entire day commemorating the founding of Cancun. This basically means there will be parties and celebratory events in the city

Cancun – What’s on in May?

  • The Cancun Jazz festival takes place each April and even if Jazz isn’t you thing, the atmosphere is great.

Cancun – What’s on in June?

  • 1st June is Navy Day (Dia de la Marina). This is typically marked with fireworks and festivities in the coastal towns and cities of Mexico, including Cancun


Cancun – What’s on in July, August and September?

Despite the larger number of rainy days in July, August and September, you can still expect plenty of British holidaymakers in Cancun, perhaps also inflated by the start of the school holidays in the UK. In terms of what’s on, it does tend to be a quieter time. There are no notable festivals or events taking place in Cancun around this time of year, but you can still enjoy the sights, the beaches (subject to the weather) and the attractions

Cancun – What’s on in October?

  • The Cancun Banamex Triathlon takes place in October and spectators can enjoy the events too. It’s a big event in Cancun drawing international athletes and plenty of spectators

Cancun – What’s on in November?

  • Festival Internacional del Caribe Mexicano is Cancun’s annual food festival taking place over the course of the month. This is basically a food lover’s paradise with a whole host of events, food related competitions and plenty of places for you to go and enjoy something spectacular to ear
  • Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) falls in early November. This is a truly unique festival that commemorates the dead. Mexicans believe that the dead come back to visit us on this day and in order to incentivise their visit, they offer food, drinks and gifts.
  • Mexican Revolution Day is on 20th November. Across the country, Mexicans commemorate the Mexican Revolution of 1910. You’ll find parades, street parties and fireworks

Cancun – What’s on in December?

  • Merry Christmas! Planning to spend Christmas in Cancun? Well, aside from the possibility of your Christmas dinner on the beach, you could experience some of the Posadas events in Cancun. Posadas is Mexico’s version of Christmas marked with parties and celebrations all over the country, including Cancun.

Cancun Holiday Deals 2018/2019

Depending on the time of year you want to go, you really can bag some cheap Cancun holiday deals. Top tips:

    • Compare prices from multiple travel agents
    • Be flexible on your dates
    • Try and avoid the school holidays if it’s possible for you