Acapulco Holidays – What to Do and When to Go

You might be looking to go ‘Loco in Acapulco,’ or you could just be after a beautiful relaxing beach break. Either way, Acapulco holidays are often the choice of those looking for stunning surroundings, great weather and a holiday resort with plenty to see and do if you tire of soaking up the sun on the beach.

acapulco holidays

Acapulco is a city in the Mexican state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast. It’s 186 miles South West of the country’s capital, Mexico City and the city lies on a stunning bay – hence the incredible beaches.

Enough to tempt you to consider going on holiday to Acapulco? Here’s our guide to help you decide whether it’s for you and what to expect.

Acapulco Holidays – Weather by Month

Let’s be honest. The weather can make or break your dream holiday. End up stuck in the middle of a two week storm and your sunbathing plans will be out of the window. But catch the sun and the drier weather and you could squeeze in all the activities you want to do as well as enjoying the sun, beach and pools.

Thanks to its Pacific Coast location, Acapulco is typically drier than the resorts on the Caribbean coast – something most people are grateful for on holiday. So when is the best time of year to go to Acapulco?  Here’s a look at the typical temperature and rainfall in Acapulco each month of the year.

 Average Temperature (Degrees Celsius)Average Rainfall (mm)Average Rainy Days

The only months in which you should expect any notable rainfall in Acapulco are June through to October each year. And it’s pretty hot all year round – certainly qualifies as British summer weather anyway!

Where to Stay in Acapulco

One of the most popular spots for people on holiday in Acapulco is the Costero. This is the area in which you’ll find a lot of the nightlife, the shops, restaurants and general buzz of the place. There are plenty of hotels in this area.

Caleta is a little further out of the way but does typically appeal to families who might not want to be quite so close to the buzz of the Acapulco nightlight.

If you are prepared to (or would even prefer to) stay somewhat out of town, Pie de la Cuesta is about 5 miles North of Acapulco. It’s a much quieter beach resorts and is absolutely perfect for those who want to be close enough to get to Acapulco when they want the bustle, but far enough away to immerse themselves in the peace of a stunning, quiet beach resort.

Acapulco Holidays for the Party Animals

Acapulco holidays are popular with those who enjoy a party. There’s a good reason. The nightlight is incredible and the city bustle when the sunsets with a real party atmosphere. There is a huge selection of night clubs including the popular Baby’O, the Palladium with its amazing views and the Mandara – a club as popular with locals as tourists.

Acapulco Holidays for Foodies

From delicious street food to fancy restaurants, Acapulco has something for everyone on the food front. Even if you’re on holiday in Acapulco for a week or two, you won’t be able to sample everything! But a few of the highlights include Tony’s Asian Bistro (French and Asian Fusion food), Zibu and La Casa de la Pasta for the Italian fans. Of course, no visit to Acapulco would be complete without a trip to a street Taco stand and those looking for something more authentically Mexican will enjoy El Cabrito restaurant.

Acapulco Holidays – Which Airport Will You Travel To?

Acapulco has its own international airport located just 16 miles South East of the City, meaning transfers from the airport to the main hotel clusters are short and sweet. Ideal – nobody likes spending hours on a bus after an 11-hour plus flight!

Planning Your Acapulco Holiday Around Festivals and Parties

t’s always a bit of a bonus if you can plan your holiday around a festival, local carnival or some sort of big national event, isn’t it? If you’re going on holiday to Acapulco in 2015 there’s a few dates you might want to put in your diary.


Acapulco Events in January

January in Acapulco means hot and pretty dry weather. It’s also Three Kings Day on 6th January, which is effectively an extension of the country’s Christmas Celebrations.

Find out more about national celebrations and events all over the country in January here.

Acapulco Events in February

February is Lent and as Mexico is a largely Catholic country, it will come as little surprise to find out this is a big deal. The country celebrates the week leading up to Lent with Carnivals all over the place.

The Carnival will takes place over a week in February in Acapulco. It’s a week of celebrations made up of processions, food markets, fun and festivities and if you’re planning to holiday in Acapulco in February, it’s so worth trying to time your trip to coincide with at least some of the Carnival celebrations.

Find out more about National Celebrations and events in February.

Acapulco Events in March

While there are no major events in Acapulco over the course of March, you might want to check out this guide to what’s in other parts of Mexico in March.

Acapulco Events in April

If you’re going on holiday to Acapulco in April 2017, do check out the Festival Francés. This is a festival that takes place in a host of different locations across Acapulco and is a huge celebration of French culture. There are film screenings, food related events, music and a host of other sorts of entertainment across the city.

Take a look at some of Mexican national events and festivals in other parts of the country in April 2017.


Acapulco Events in May

In May 2016, you can expect some Cinco de Maya celebrations on the 5th of the month. Although some argue this is a bigger celebration in the USA than in some parts of Mexico but you’re highly likely to find something going on in Acapulco.

Acapulco Events in June

Dia de la Marina is celebrated in June each year in many coastal resorts. If you’re on holiday on Acapulco in June, you’ll certainly find ceremonies and similar taking place to celebrate the Mexican Navy and the Maritime heritage of the coastal areas. This takes place in early June and in addition to the ceremonies, there are often festivities and plenty of decorated boats to see.

Acapulco Events in July

There are no specific events (at least not announced at the time of writing) in Acapulco in July. And it’s a typically wet month as well, by comparison to the earlier months in the year. So it does tend to be quieter, which suits some, of course!

Acapulco Events in August

Again, August is a quieter month for holidays in Acapulco. This is again down to the wetter weather. But some tourists take advantage of the quieter

Acapulco Events in September

September is Mexican Independence Day and, in Acapulco, that means it’s a fantastic time for a celebration. If you’re on holiday in Acapulco in September and manage to catch the celebrations, expect fireworks, festivities and a brilliant party.

Acapulco Events in October

Columbus Day (Dïa de la Raza) falls in Mid October and that means a holiday for Mexico. If you’re on holiday in Acapulco in October, you can expect parties and a stunning firework display over the bay to mark the end of the day’s celebrations.

Acapulco Events in November

November marks the Day of the Dead in Mexico and there’s often festivities and events in cemeteries and other venues around Acapulco. If you’re on holiday during Day of the Dead, try to find something going on. It’s certainly a unique experience.

Acapulco Events in December

The Acapulco fair traditionally takes place in December (or at least begins then). Couple that with the Christmas festive mood, dry weather and warm temperatures and Acapulco is a great place to be on holiday in December.

You can also enjoy the traditional nativity procession and other religious events and celebrations.


Holidays to Acapulco

Acapulco holidays (at the risk of sounding like a brochure!) really do have something or everyone. Aside from a packed events calendar, there is no shortage of cultural sights, beautiful scenery and bars to enjoy. With a combination of busy resorts and the option of quieter locations out of town, beautiful beaches, nightlight, culture and food, you’ll be kept busy whatever time of year you decide to travel.