Mexico Holidays, Tips and Advice

mexico holidays 2018 and 2019

From my first visit to Mexico, I fell in love with the place. As a holiday destination, it has something for everyone. Beautiful beaches along both its Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, stunning and indulgent accommodation, pools, nightlife, amazing natural scenery and a whole host of picture perfect holiday destinations to choose from.

What’s this site all about?

If you’re looking to book your 2018/2019 holidays to Mexico, we want this to be the starting point. We’ll answer your questions based on our own experiences. And if we don’t have the answer, then we’ll find it. We’ll share hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, things to do and guides to the biggest tourist spots the country has to offer.

Where can I book Mexico holidays?

We don’t have a preferred booking partner. But we will bring you the best deals we can find from various travel operators regularly. You’ll find them on the blog!